Golden Cactus Studio/Gallery

Designer Wearables


KIMONOS   $95. 

Just before finding our new location on the waterfront, we were approached by a designer house in Montreal.  Their idea was to use our art work as part of their clothing line, designed and made in Montreal and give us the opportunity to purchase pieces ourselves.  Once we had our new studio digs we knew having an exclusive line of wearable art would be a fantastic addition.  Initial samples were designed for our approval and we have fine tuned our selections carefully.  We offer these only in our studio, or online, please come by and feel them in the flesh.  Washable, wrinkle-free for travel, drip dries super fast, these are perfect for cruises, winter travel to the desert, Hawaii or Mexico.

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 IMAGES ARE AVAILABLE IN SCARFS AND TOTE BAGS  $45 ea . Sold separate or as a set.